Membership Benefits

8 Excuses (and good reasons) to take membership
membership with BLSA offers you and your family value in many shapes and sizes:
  1. Meeting people and making new friends
  2. Members helping members – rigging the boat for the first time?  Stepping the mast for the season?  The experience within the membership can offer a solution or a helping hand to nearly every question or need.
  3. Crew members – the #1 reason people stop sailing or racing is the shortage of crew.  Novice and experienced sailors are welcome.
  4. Day sailing on the lake or connecting with members to rent/charter boats in other sailing venues.  In the dark months when the lake is closed, members have taken trips in groups to the Caribbean, West Coast and other destinations.
  5. Racing – the best way to learn more about your boat is racing.  Both novice and experienced sailors take their boats out for a little competition, but the races are more about having fun!
  6. Gaining sailing experience – sailing is a sport where something new is learned every time the boat goes out.  Sailing with others is a great way to fine tune and hone your sailing skills.
  7. Raft-up weekends – nothing is better than building camaraderie amongst BLSA members.
  8. Shore-side activities – BLSA is an organization targeting the whole family.  Social events and other activities can be found on the BLSA calendar.